Are we supposed to pay for a "To Whom It May Concern"?

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I moved out of home for a ride on a bicycle(changer). Somehow somewhere on my way back, i couldn't find my wallet in my pocket. So i thought, my ID's and documents in it, ATM card and of course money. This happened at a time when i badly needed my ID. SO i run to the police station to report a case and get a To Whom It May Concern as a way to start the ID and ATM replacement process.
After filing the case for missing items, the officer asked me for 5000 to give me To Whom It May Concern. I told him, i just reported loss of my wallet, where do you expect me to get money from?
"Wait for the Officer In Charge(OC)" he told me. So i waited.
She came around and i told her the same thing. They all ignored me. And i moved out mumbling, i will report to another police station. she called me, wrote it and gave it to me..