I didnt fall for the proposal

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Last Friday, I went for my daughter's end of year concert at the National theatre. As I was purchasing my ticket I sort of started to inquire about the different seat numbers since I wanted a seat not so far but again not so close to the stage. Being that the school had brought it's own staff to sell the ticket, the young man wasn't so sure and couldn't give me the proper guidance I required. A national theatre staff had been following our conversation so he silently tapped my husband and I telling us to hold on with purchasing the tickets. He then pulled my husband aside and took him inside the hall showing him the different seats. Amidst all that, the theatre staff came up with a proposal which was, "Instead of buying the tickets at 20,000shs each, give me 30,000shs and ill let both of you in since ill be the one at the door."

My husband returned with the 'proposal' and I couldn't imagine this guy wanted us to cheat our own daughter's school! In reaction, I immediately handed the young guy who was selling the tickets money enough for two tickets not even minding which seat number he was bound to give us. Shortly after, the bell rung for us to get into the hall and I presented my ticket to the same theatre staff who had come up with a 'weird' proposal a few moments back. I'm not so sure what run through his mind at that point but on my side I was glad I hadn't fallen for his idea. My conscience was clean and I felt proud of myself to the extent that I'm happy to share this experience on this forum.