Refused to Pay for my job

Sector / Department: 

When we started working with Electoral commission in Kumi, it so happened that one time we were supposed to receive our salaries from electoral commission kumi district. They delayed to come to the sub county but after they came at 12:30pm and it was very late for us to get to work at that time. Members refused to work because people were very late and working in distant areas. The next morning we were around five people they fired and told us to wait untill further notice.

After four days i was called back to work and my friends also got back their jobs i don't know on which grounds but my friend(name witheld) was not called. The subcounty supervisor asked for 200,000 from him but he refused and went straight to Kampala buttold the DITO about the matter and honestly she got involved and was willing to report those people to the head offices. Finally he got back his job after but after a big struggle and most of us paid Electoral Commission Kumi that year inorder to get the jobs.