Un helped, mistreated and insulted while seeking police help

Sector / Department: 

I went to kira road police station to report a case where someone stole 2.7m from me claiming to take me abroad for work.i found an afande(name witheld)  at the reporting desk.I made a statement and after she told me to pay 20k for arrest..i had gone with my husband and good enough he had the 20k with him and we paid it to her..the suspect was just metres from the station so we walked together with police and went to arrest the suspect.On reaching police the suspect agreed to pay back my money and he agreed to pay me 1million for the start so i give him two weeks time to complete the balance which i accepted and we made a written agreement between me and the suspect. He gave me the 1million shillings and after the police officer called stella told me that i had to pay 200k which she claimed was for ocs office. I refused to pay the 200k but the officer abused me shouted at me and finally told me that i will never get my balance of 1.7m that the suspect was going to pay after two weeks. 

After two weeks, I reached and afande took me somewhere n gave me a book told me to sign. I asked her whether the suspect wrote any agreement when he will be bringing the balance but woman quarrelled abused me n she gave me 800k claiming it was what the suspect had brought. 

She asked me for the 200k and i refused because i am sure the suspect will never pay me the remaining balance its now as if the officer is the one paining me while insulting me