Jinja Parking Extortion

Amount Paid in Bribe: 
Bribe Date: 
January 14, 2017
Sector / Department: 

Jinja parking has extorted money from us. They put a clamp/boot on our vehicle claiming we failed to pay for parking 5 times in October/November, which is completely false as we faithfully pay for parking every time we park in Jinja. We ended up having to pay 250,000 UGS in fines, 20,000 UGS to remove the clamp and 30,000 UGS to buy a month parking pass. They told us that the only way to dispute it is to pay for a tow truck take our vehicle to their impound lot, get a lawyer and take it to court. They implied that mzungus are targeted and that their attendants can "make mistakes," so the only way to avoid being clamped is to buy a monthly pass for 30k. However, buying a monthly pass is not financially reasonable for us as we only come in to Jinja town once a week.