Paid a Bribe

  • Paid to fill medical form

    When i joined Kumi University i was given some form and i was told to take it to the medical oersonnel to fill it. When i wen to the health centre, i was asked by nurse to pay 2000 inorder for her to fill the form.

  • Paid for a Job

     In 2014 when i was in S.6 vacation, Electoral Commission advertised for jobs with the qualifications starting from S.6 result slip with computer knowledge.

  • Paid after accident

    One Sunday after I and my brother were returning back home from town, we knocked a bodaboda cyclist.

  • Avoided court with bribe

    My uncle was arrested for defiling a young girl but the father of the girl wanted the case to be forwarded to the court,I happened to have a friend who was a police officer  whom I requested for his help and he only promised to help if I could pa

  • Bribed Lecturer

    In the course of being at the University with very many course units to be done, things became tough in some of th modules.

  • Paid a bribe riding

    One day i was riding in the streets of Mbalenad i happened to fall in the hands of Mbale tax collectors. They wanted to grab the key from the motorcycle while riding but i managed to stop before they had done it.

  • Joining a primary teachers College

    My brother applied for a place in joining the college in 2014. He did the interviews but he did not succeed. Later, when i approached the principal of the college for help who demanded 80,000 shs for the service.

  • Paid a bribe to get treated

    One day when i was severly sick, i went to a government hospital and i was told to show something that supports my being there. So he openly told me to pay 20000 as a means of seeing the doctor or being tested for the illness.

  • court bribes

    this is the bribe i paid in court today

  • saviour lookalike bribe

    After being stopped for drunk driving together with other drivers,we were driven off to cps kampala to make statements and spend the night in the cell.