I Did Not Pay a Bribe

  • Unpaid NSSF

    Help follow the NSSF money. Mzee worked in Teso co-operative union soroti.

  • Non Compesation for Accident at work

    My husband was working with an engineering company and he got an accident while at work. He was hospitalized and the company agreed to compensate as well as pay hospital bills but up to now we have not been compensated.

  • Heifer loss

    I was among the first beneficiaries of the restocking exercise that was organised in Mukegwo sub-county.

  • Unsupportive vet doctors

    Veterinary doctors don’t do any work to improve on livestock health in the community but only appear to collect slaughtered meat. Their impact isn’t felt. Workers don’t stay long especially technical staff.

  • Loan repayment to corruption

    The above named was a member of a village saving group (supervised by build Africa) who had a running loan with the group.

  • Compesation for lost lives

    In 2000, Mr Abdala lost his wife in an accident that claimed the lives of four women leaving others injured.

  • Compesation for soldier uner NRA

    My brother died in 1990 serving under National Resistance Army. From 2000 i have been trying to get compensation for my deceased brother but failed to get the money.

  • Continued Bank Loan Deduction

    My dad has completed his loan from a bank called Bay pat but these people still continue deducting his money.

  • Requested to pay for arrest

    I met these people, one hit me and I shouted then my son came to rescue and to ask why I was being hit but he was also hit on the eye by Omoding and his throat was cut. Omoding and Opio’s brothers came with pangas and bows to fight my son.

  • Testing kits for Hepatitis B

    I being a grass root monitor intercepted the testing kits for hepatitis B in one of the shops in Mukongoro dealing with the general merchandise. This happened in November last year, I called for the police who responded very fast.