Testing kits for Hepatitis B

Reported on September 06, 2017

I being a grass root monitor intercepted the testing kits for hepatitis B in one of the shops in Mukongoro dealing with the general merchandise. This happened in November last year, I called for the police who responded very fast. My statement was taken as a complainant as well as the lady who was shop keeping by then. According to this lady the drugs were delivered to her shop by her neighbour Ojonyero Joseph who had a lab adjacent to her shop. When the file was taken to Kumi central police station for action we were told to go away. One of the officers, the OC of Kumi got concerned and invited us to his office to hear from us. He acted and called for the arrest of Ojonyero who had been transferred to Ogingo health centre III. Actually he was arrested that very day only to be released the next day. When we went there the next day we were threatened by police that if we continued to follow the case they would arrest and detain us. We went up to RDC’s office and engaged him over the same matter. Later on the whole case was transferred to the shop keeper living the culprit free yet this lady was ready to be a state witness to the case. Up to now Ojonyero is a free man looking and enjoying with the exhibits still with the police in Kumi.

When it happened: 
September 06, 2017
Sector / Department: 
Health Sector

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