I Did Not Pay a Bribe

  • Plot from Kajamaka parish

    The sub-county sold a plot from Kajamaka parish to Mr.Okonga Emmanuel yet Kajamaka is a different parish after they realised that land belongs to the school, the LC III wrote a letter to Mr Okonga to leave that plot and come back to sub-county and

  • Chairman asking for bribe to write letter to NIRA

    LC. 1(chairman) Mengo Bakuli has made Me fail to get registered for National Identity, He Is Asking Me For 50k for declaration forms to take to NIRA. my phone is gonna be switched off.

  • Failure to receive my items after payment

    I deposited money in installments to an iron sheets company re seller between September 2014 - December 2014 amounting to UGX 4,780,000. When i went to pickup my iron sheets after, i was told that only one of the receipts was valid.

  • Un helped, mistreated and insulted while seeking police help

    I went to kira road police station to report a case where someone stole 2.7m from me claiming to take me abroad for work.i found an afande(name witheld)  at the reporting desk.I made a statement and after she told me to pay 20k for arrest..


    Proposed Construction of Uganda Road Fund and Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority Head Office At Plot 39 Nakasero Road Kampala

  • I didnt fall for the proposal

    Last Friday, I went for my daughter's end of year concert at the National theatre.

  • Refused to pay a bribe

    Today, as i was driving towards industrial area via Bugolobi, i wasn't putting on the seatbelt but my brain clicked the moment i saw traffic officers. He stops me and checks insurance plus Driving permit.

  • Refused to Pay for my job

    When we started working with Electoral commission in Kumi, it so happened that one time we were supposed to receive our salaries from electoral commission kumi district.

  • No more paying bribes

    This tool helped me to escape paying bribe after i informed officer about it they stop pushing me for a bribe

  • I refused to pay a bribe for free immunisation

    There is an ongoing free immunisation program for girls between the age of 17 to 24 where they are supposed to get free immunisation for cervical cancer its meant to be free at all health facilities but yesterday i was asked to pay for the service