• What is Ipaidabribe all about?

    IPaidABribe is a citizen driven mechanism for tracking bribe payment activity, as also instances of when people resisted bribe payments or did not have to pay bribes because of good government... read more

  • What does ipaidabribe Uganda hope to achieve?

    By providing a place for citizens to report, as well as by analysing the information, ipaidabribe platform aims to: Heighten citizen awareness about the nature and spread of bribe-related exchanges... read more

  • Do I include my name while reporting a bribe/corruption case?

    You have a choice to include or exclude you name

  • How am I protected?

    No one can access your contacts including telephone and we guarantee your safety. We understand how sensitive this information can be and we commit to your security as our number one responsibility

  • How do I make a bribe report?

    If you have any case you want to report, you can use an internet café and share your experience with us; or you can call our toll free line so that we capture that story

  • What is beyond reporting?

    The platform provides space to people to speak about corruption and will help us generate information for use in other spaces and engagements including black Monday publications and citizens courts... read more