130m UGX Amuru Sub-county cash goes missing

Posted on June 01, 2016

Amuru- About Shs131 million that was paid as premium by Madhvani Group of Companies to Amuru Sub-county in Amuru District has never been accounted for.

In 2013, Madhvani Group of Companies paid Amuru District Local Government Shs131 million for a piece of land in Lakang, Amuru Sub-county, where the company plans to set up Amuru Sugar Works project.

However, three years down the road, Amuru Sub-County that was meant to benefit from the money has never received it.

Madhavani Group of Companies expressed interest in acquiring 40,000 hectares of land to establish Amuru Sugar Works.

But the sugar project has stalled with leaders and locals in Amuru demanding that the government enters into negotiations with the rightful land owners.

Amuru District chairperson Michael Lakony has now turned to the district chief administrative officer and wants him to account for the money. Mr Lakony questioned why the money was not remitted to the benefiting Amuru Sub-County but was instead received by the district.

“Such corrupt tendecies have left Amuru languishing behind in terms of development,” he said.

Amuru CAO Martin Kiplangat, however, distanced himself from any wrongdoing, adding that he took over office in 2015, and has never known of any money given by Madhavani group to the district.

“Ever since I took office, I have always remitted all the funds to the respective sub-counties as required by the law. I cannot be held accountable for the missing Shs131 million,” he said.

Kilak County MP Gilbert Olanya says the district was required to remit 80 per cent of the money to Amuru Sub-County but did not give even 1 per cent. Only 20 per cent was to be retained by Amuru District Local Government.

Mr Olanya thus tasked the current CAO to follow up the matter so that the planned activities of sub-county are not affected.

Former Amuru Sub-county chairperson James Kilara described the disappearance of the money as a well-planned theft. In an interview with Daily Monitor on Monday, Mr Kilara said the district kept the money since the locals and Madhnvani were still locked up on land giveaway wrangles. “We kept the money on the district account but whatever happened to it. I do not know,” he said.

 Source: New Vision