Anti Corruption club seek for transperency in Elections

Posted on August 01, 2018
Dominic Byamukama, ACC President - Premiere SS

ActionAid Uganda with support from the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) carried out a follow-up exercise for the anti-corruption clubs in Hoima to feel their activity levels. In schools like Premiere SS and Mandela SS, the club members have made great efforts to involve anti-corruption activities at all levels. They have engaged in writing poems against the vice, stories, dialogues and carried out inter class debates. These activities are playing a great role in grooming these youths in school to become responsible and accountable leaders of tomorrow. Besides awareness creations, these activities have also built their conscience to be conscious about accountability and transoerancy violations in their environment. In Premiere SS, during the head prefect campaigns, teachers forced one of the competitors out of the race to enable their preferred candidate win easily. Using one of the assemblies, the anti-corruption club president Dominic Byamukama urged the students to vote only where transparency was exhibited. “We held a campaign against the unfairness in vetting for the head prefect, we are now led by our choice.” He said.
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