Hoima secondary schools form anti-corruption clubs

Posted on December 18, 2016

Ipaidabribe Uganda in partnership with schools in Hoima formed anti-corruption clubs aimed at grooming the youngsters into responsible and accountable citizens as the leaders of tomorrow. These clubs were formed in four schools namely Mandela SS, Kitara SS, Premiere SS and DayStar Christian Based school SS. These clubs were formed as a result of the conducted debates on anti-corruption that focused on Corruption in the oil and gas sector.

The knowledge sharing and competitive session that based on the motions “Lack of political will has perpetrated corruption in our Society”, “The extraction of Oil and gas will transform the Bunyoro Sub region” and ” Corruption is the major evil in the Oil and Gas Sector” was honored by  the District Education Officer for Hoima, Mr. Godfrey Sserwanja thanked ActionAid Uganda for such interactive innovations and opportunities given to students in widening their knowledge on the issues that are highly affecting their region vs its development.

The points raised as concerns for the students in this space included: - Job creations, less fuel prices, speedy development, infrastructure development as a result of a corruption free Oil region.  However, there were fear of denial of jobs to the natives, poor health facilities, lack of information about the developments in the Oil and gas sector all shooting as a result of corruption within the sectors.

The anti-corruption clubs formed will therefore focus on acquiring information about the oil and gas sector as one of the crucial ones in the region and also mobilize the youths back at school to debate on corruption and always track and report cases of corruption to Ipaidabribe Uganda platform.

The activity was concluded with an award giving ceremony by the In charge Ministry of Education – Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.