DUI EPS bribe to Afande Old kla police

Reported on September 07, 2017

I was one among ten people arrested driving under the influence of alchohol at a Rubaga Road activation. Once i knew my car was going to be towed, i asked Afande (name witheld) to indicate to me the procedure following the arrest. She did not even after several requests. On reaching old kampala police station, all ten of us were asked by the traffic officers led by Afande  to decide what to part with if we didnt want to be issued EPS tickets. All nine other suspects were instantly released on provision of un identified small sums of money on the spot and back into their cars while, I was detained at the station. While there, i was advised by the cell officer on duty of the standard procedure for release the next morning. This would involve receipt of an EPS ticket, followed by a bank payment of the fine and subsequent release. Afande asked my father, who now came to assist my bail to hand her 200,000/= and a top up of 50,000/= for the break down fees. He handed this money to her saying no further charges shall be pressed and that no documentation would be detained. Indeed, she issued no clearing documentation, no EPS, no receipt but a small chit signed for the release of my vehicle. This was the bribe she received for my release.

Amount Paid: 
Bribe Date: 
July 22, 2017
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