Illegal Car clamping in Jinja

Reported on July 05, 2017

It happened to us yesterday. We got clamped and my husband had to pay 530,000 shillings for 10 unpaid parking tickets. He was rushing to a meeting so he paid. I went this morning to Jinja Municipal Council demanding to see the tickets. Kiiza Joseph said the tickets are no longer in the computer or available (although they were reportedly available yesterday). He states that he will not return our money despite this illegal practice. On the back of the parking receipt it says - non payment of parking tickets (plural) will cost a surcharge of 20,000 payable within 7 days. Failure to comply will costs 50,000 beyond 7 days. What they are doing is against their own rules and is extortion. Additionally, I know that we didn't have unpaid tickets...but there is no way of confirming or denying since there are many unscrupulous hawkers on the street who will get back at you if you don't buy their tickets.

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July 04, 2017
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