Paid a Bribe

  • false idle aqnd disorderly charges

    In 2012, as they were in their house that they were sharing with three other colleagues, police men putting on casual wear arrested one of them for being idle and disorderly (it was around 8:00pm).

  • LC bribed for Selling of land

    I was given land back in the village (Jinja) and he decided to sell it but was stopped by my relatives. I went to the LC who asked for 100,000 in order to solve the issue with my relatives but has not done anything till now.

  • Case follow up charges

    In October 2015 i had issues with my husband so i went to the police unit at Mityana police station.

  • Trumped up charges

    Hello I not only paid a bribe but I was forced to pay for it , after being arrested in trumped up charges by a police officer, the OC clock tower police post, then after spending two days in very inhuman conditions in the cells, hey bring in someo

  • A bribe to traffic police

    In a good a well-structured society, fines & penalties are supposed to be a bit harsh to enable compliance but not too harsh to encourage evasion. Well, I paid a bribe this weekend and I have never felt this worse in my entire life.

  • Political conman

    One of the political people in Ngora district told me he had paid UGX 1,300,000 to secure me a scholarship in March this year. He then asked me for 15000 to pick the forms which i gave him.

  • Court refused to refund

    The couple opened a case to fine 2 gentlemen and the court asked them to pay 220,000 Ushs for attachment. After some good time the court had failed to do the attachment so it had to refund the money but up to now they have not refunded the money.

  • Unpaid for work done

    I helped Kajamaka dam P/S to serve as a teacher of mathematics for 2years teaching P.5 to P.7 and I wasn’t given an appointment letter or agreement.

  • Case mishandled at police

    Iam a 32 year old lady, I have issues with my husband Omasige Willy with whom I have been in marriage for the last 8 years but we failed to have a child so he decided to chase me out of his home and bring another woman.

  • DUI EPS bribe to Afande Old kla police

    I was one among ten people arrested driving under the influence of alchohol at a Rubaga Road activation. Once i knew my car was going to be towed, i asked Afande (name witheld) to indicate to me the procedure following the arrest.