Paid a Bribe

  • Illegal Car clamping in Jinja

    It happened to us yesterday. We got clamped and my husband had to pay 530,000 shillings for 10 unpaid parking tickets. He was rushing to a meeting so he paid. I went this morning to Jinja Municipal Council demanding to see the tickets.

  • Paid a Basin for a Bribe

    My son was admitted at Nebbi Hospital when he was sick. I was requested for money to pay for the drips to be admitted on my son. I paid UGX 4300 shillings and later they told me to bring UGX 10,000 for oxygen. I didn't have the money.

  • Bribe for Jobs

    Officials from the government always ask them money in order to give them jobs for example,when he wanted to register as a police, he was asked 300,000 for his name to be registered.

  • Bribe at police on cases

    The offering of bribes at police on cases, the poor are left out because they do not have money to offer to get a fair hearing and justice in Masindi district

  • Paid a bribe before getting a job

    Resident from Pakanyi said that officials from the government always asks them for money in order to give them jobs for example when he wanted to register as a police officer he was asked for 300,000 for his name to be registered

  • Money for extra teaching

    At Kiyuya P/S teachers always ask the parents for money for extra teaching which they do not have hence leading to the poor performance of the of children.

  • Doctor asks for bribe to get treatment

    Dr Abiriga always asks for money from the patients who need operation before working on them, a lady was forced to pay 100000 to get treatment for her patient and was also asked for 2000 for airtime to call the doctor in the Masindi hospital

  • Chairpersons ask for bribe

    Citizen from kibamba said that the chairpersons from the villages always ask for money whenever they want their services for example when they want stamps from the chairpersons for certain documents they ask for money


    A case file was closed by the magistrate of Grade I in Hoima Municipality at an amount of Ugandan shillings 3 million received from one of the Bank workers daughter of Kiryatete east Kahoora Division.

  • Bribe to get out of being detained

    We were detained all day by the Njeru police station. Two CIs and the police lieutenant. On false charges, which they never showed us anything. They stole paperwork of ours.