Paid a Bribe

  • Company Registration

    While registering a company, I paid 100,000 to have the process done in one day. They collect the money in files and slip it into their lockers

  • BAIL

    In Jinja, we were granted bail of 500,00. But the Magistrate told the Clerk if we paid 200,000 cash, he would give us free non-cash bond! We paid it and were set free!

  • Court

    I paid 150,000 for typing and printing court proceedings! No receipt was issued and the price is extremely inflated


    While driving from CPS to Kamokya, around Golf Course police officersstopped me and asked for Insurance. I told him I do not intend on knocking anyone.


    I drove without a permit and when got by police, He sat in the car so we could drive along to the police station where I was supposed to be arrested.

  • Affidavit in support of unemployment /financial neediness in support for a scholarship

    I am currently applying for a post graduate studies in South Africa, University of Pretoria, Under MasterCard Scholarships Program . One of the key document required is proof of financial neediness inform of a court affidavit.

  • I paid for police Bond.

    I have land wrangles with my brothers and sisters who for a long time feel jealousy about my success. that fateful day they cornered at the police who threatened me to sale my property I have on that land.

  • charged for government goods meant for free

    i went to hospital for antenatal care.for it was supposed to be 3 times and you get a net,4 times to get a mama kit but i was given none till i paid money what was the government programe?

  • payment for justice

    my house was broken by a person who was later recognized but when i went to the police station after the victim was arrested,i was asked to pay money for feeding,soap which i paid, now is it in line with the constitution?

  • paying for treatment in a government hospital

    i went to the hospital but i was asked to pay money and i paid yet its a government hospital.