Paid a Bribe

  • over speeding Taxi

    On my way to Gulu, we were stopped by police for over speeding. However, the conductor stepped out & had a conversation with the policeman after which we were let go.

  • Driving Permit

    Today I was caught driving without a permit along Kiira road. I simply paid 30,000 and was left to go!


    I am a medical student in my third year. Recently, during the ward rounds I came across a child with severe malaria and sever anemia, who was referred to Gulu hospital because it could not be attended to else where! I got blood and transfused.


    I recently lost a laptop, smartphone and other items sent from Kampala to Gulu. I reported to Police in Kampala since the theft is believed to have happened in Kampala.


    I recently lost my Identity card and National ID However, when I went to report to police, I was asked for 200 shillings for photocopying which I painfully offered. However, after photocopying I was also asked for BreakFast

  • My Back to School Experience

    While I was reporting to school, we used a Noah that is supposed to carry 7 passengers.

  • Immigrations Office

    As I was processing my passport, the tedious process of stamping from the DISO to the RDC, I was asked for 10,000 shillings because of the "search" for the RDC which apparently was tedious reason I needed to pay for the costs (Sweat) in

  • Company Registration

    While registering a company, I paid 100,000 to have the process done in one day. They collect the money in files and slip it into their lockers

  • BAIL

    In Jinja, we were granted bail of 500,00. But the Magistrate told the Clerk if we paid 200,000 cash, he would give us free non-cash bond! We paid it and were set free!

  • Court

    I paid 150,000 for typing and printing court proceedings! No receipt was issued and the price is extremely inflated