Paid a Bribe

  • NGO Renewal vs RDC Letter

    The CDO and lower local officers in Jinja/Mpumudde are using extortion when asked to write their letters of recommendation so that the RDC and finalize his for our NGO renewal. In total they are demanding 250,000. We have NOT paid this money.

  • Phone matters

    I bought a fone from a mechanic in town n sold of this fone unknowingly it was stolen after a while officers came for me at one of my shops n med me pay for this fone plus other colkegues coz we summed a total of 1.2m

  • Bribe to cross packwach boarder

    On my way to Nebbi in a car with a Sudanese number plate, i reached packwach boarder URA point. I moved in to get clearance. This car had a road user running upto 2 weeks from that day i was there.

  • Pet Import

    I had to pay a $120 USD bribe in order to get my dog from the cargo warehouse once she arrived at the airport.

  • Non Remittence of NSSF

    I have worked in a school for 2 years with constant NSSF deductions from our salary but when i went to check the statement, it had only been remitted twice. I moved to NSSF office this side a few times but i don't feel helped.

  • Jinja Parking Extortion

    Jinja parking has extorted money from us.

  • Electricity theft

    I am a concerned citizen and teacher in Hoima district. We are in a period of grasshoppers and those lights are littered everywhere in town. People who catch these grasshoppers are connected to directly to the wires and others are in power theft.

  • over speeding Taxi

    On my way to Gulu, we were stopped by police for over speeding. However, the conductor stepped out & had a conversation with the policeman after which we were let go.

  • Driving Permit

    Today I was caught driving without a permit along Kiira road. I simply paid 30,000 and was left to go!


    I am a medical student in my third year. Recently, during the ward rounds I came across a child with severe malaria and sever anemia, who was referred to Gulu hospital because it could not be attended to else where! I got blood and transfused.