Paid a Bribe


    My brother was taken to police for a certain case but later we were told to come back home and settle the issue and we were told to pay for his release on bond. now release on bond is free of charge or not?


    I was in a different school which is far from home.i decided to change the school,Reason is that the distance is far.i went to another school.The school academic registrar told me no vacancy for you.Another one from the staff let me pay something

  • Paid in a Health Centre

    A friend of mine went to a health centre in Bugolobi opp Shell for family planning. People were many in the line and the nurse asked her to pay 10000 for push her name first.

  • Is police bond free

    My brother is a driver, He knocked a child on the road when he is riding a motorcycle. The O/C police post requested us to pay 100,000 for police bond so that he leaves the man to go home.

  • Paid for Police Bond

    Last year i visited my grand mother in the village where my cousin was sexually active. She used to sneak out of school and goes on to sleep with boda men. At one point, we got information from school that she wasn't there.

  • Paid to fill medical form

    When i joined Kumi University i was given some form and i was told to take it to the medical oersonnel to fill it. When i wen to the health centre, i was asked by nurse to pay 2000 inorder for her to fill the form.

  • Paid for a Job

     In 2014 when i was in S.6 vacation, Electoral Commission advertised for jobs with the qualifications starting from S.6 result slip with computer knowledge.

  • Paid after accident

    One Sunday after I and my brother were returning back home from town, we knocked a bodaboda cyclist.

  • Avoided court with bribe

    My uncle was arrested for defiling a young girl but the father of the girl wanted the case to be forwarded to the court,I happened to have a friend who was a police officer  whom I requested for his help and he only promised to help if I could pa

  • Bribed Lecturer

    In the course of being at the University with very many course units to be done, things became tough in some of th modules.