Paid a Bribe

  • Paid a bribe riding

    One day i was riding in the streets of Mbalenad i happened to fall in the hands of Mbale tax collectors. They wanted to grab the key from the motorcycle while riding but i managed to stop before they had done it.

  • Joining a primary teachers College

    My brother applied for a place in joining the college in 2014. He did the interviews but he did not succeed. Later, when i approached the principal of the college for help who demanded 80,000 shs for the service.

  • Paid a bribe to get treated

    One day when i was severly sick, i went to a government hospital and i was told to show something that supports my being there. So he openly told me to pay 20000 as a means of seeing the doctor or being tested for the illness.

  • court bribes

    this is the bribe i paid in court today

  • saviour lookalike bribe

    After being stopped for drunk driving together with other drivers,we were driven off to cps kampala to make statements and spend the night in the cell.

  • Bribes find their way in sports

    its unfortunate but today i was suprised that bribes also exists in the ugandan sports. we always thought that such things only exist in politics but we have seen in buying of players in local football clubs i wont mention today

  • Dental Corruption

    It was at the end of 2015 when i was in serious pain during the Christmas break. I could not eat anything neither could i smile with my family members.

  • Paid a brirbe

    On a journey from Lira to Kampala, around Spear Motors - Nakawa a traffic officer accused the driver for being in the wrong lane, confiscated his driving permit and asked him to pick it later in exchange for a ticket(kipapula).

  • Paid A Bribe to get on The Payroll

    I was working in Kampala, my friend called me & convinced me to raise 1m which i raised through selling al my properties like tv ,chairs,beds etc and raised 500 thousand & swept al my savings and gave some one called mafabi who wo

  • I paid 10,000/- to access file number at police

    Today i was forced to pay a bribe of 10,000/- at a police station i wont mention just to speed up the process of locating a file of my brother who was unlawfully detained on charges of theft.