• March 2019 Bulletin

    With our existing Anti-Corruption clubs in schools, the information from Ipaidabribe has informed awareness on corruption in schools through approaches like forum theatre, poetry and debates. In this edition, we bring you a glimpse of what has transpired as a result of our IPAB interventions in secondary schools.


  • Corruption complaints reported, Ipaidabribe is following

    In this edition, read about people's complaints and how interventions are leading to success.


  • Unbribing Uganda with Ipaidabribe UG July 2017

    Do you know how to play your role? This newsletter shows how people are writing stories of the curruptions cases they have encountered, it also looks at the anti-corruption awareness campaigns that have been lauched in schools.

  • Corruption Perceptions Index 2015 - Transparency International

    Uganda as 25th most corrupt worldwide as per the Corruption Perception Index